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Thursday, 12 September 2013

php training in kolkata with mysql ajax technologies

  PHP, MYSQL, AJAX training in Kolkata


The web is php  now. php stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, originally stood for Personal Home Page. php is basically server side scripting language which is an open source platform. In today’s world wide web php  is one of the most used programming language  which is mainly used for dynamic webpage development.  Most of the big companies like wikipedia and social giants like Facebook uses php as the coding language.

Why php  is so very popular, the reason being it’s an opensource technology.  php is cost effective and less time consuming and that is why most of the companies are leaning into php and creating more job opportunities for php developers  in the Indian market as well as in Kolkata. For a fresher, php  is the most hot and easy to learn technology to get a job in the IT industry.  In India and specifically in Kolkata  most of the big, medium and small IT companies  are having their php development  vertical and hiring php programmers  in a large number.




Opportunities for a fresher php programmer in Kolkata


Why you should go for php training in Kolkata,  the reason is - it is easy to learn and execute, most of the IT companies in Kolkata  are hugely working on php, php projects  are coming to different companies day and night and most importantly those companies are willing to hire php freshers in Kolkata.  So more incredible numbers of demand is their for php freshers in Kolkata,  more and more fresh graduates from different educational background are coming for php training.


Learn php, MySQL and AJAX in Kolkata


We offer industry specific, realtime, comprehensive and well versed php training in Kolkata.  Our php course in Kolkata  completes all the modules of php,  MySql,  Javascript,  AJAX,  JQuery,  HTML  and  CSS. Our php training structure is totally Industry centric that helps the fresher students to understand the technology, to execute the programming and finally to get a good php IT job in Kolkata  and there is where we see our success as premier php training institute in Kolkata



php training in Kolkata, Sodpur,
Khardah, Barrackpore, Belgharia, Dumdum

We have weekend batches as well as week day batches. php course duration - 2.5 - 3 months - 2 days in a week

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HTML - CSS - Javascript  1 What is Internet and the world wide web (www)
2 Introduction to websites
3 Introduction to basic web designing and HTML/CSS
4 Understanding different HTML Tags, Table and DIV structures
5 Javascript coding - client side scripting
   Introduction to php and MySQL    6 Introduction to Domain Names ( )
and Web hosts (Server space)
7 XAMPP installation and MySQL database operations 
8 Introduction to php / MySQL / web 2.0 
Detail php, MySQL training 9 php coding structure - how to write php coding
10 Form handling using php - GET and POST method handling
11 Variables and Expressions in php 
12 Conditional Tests and Events in php 
13 php loop control – for loop, while loop, do-while loop 
14 php Flow Control 
15 php Configuration 
16 php Functions 
17 Storing Data in Arrays using php 
18 String Manipulation in php 
19 introduction to MySQL database
20 Design MYSQL database and table
21 Handling Databases with php 
22 Insert query using php and MySQL 
23 Select query using php and MySQL 
24 Update query using php and MySQL 
25 Delete query using php and MySQL 
26 Sessions and Cookies in php 
27 php coding standard and required php securities
28 php ini file configuration 
29 Pagination using php and MySQL
30 Handling Email with php 
31 Dynamic website development project - CMS
AJAX Training 32 Introduction to AJAX development 
33 Understanding AJAX 
34 Why use AJAX & when to use AJAX 
35 AJAX with Javascript and JQuery 
36 DOM Concept 
37 Insert data to database on the fly 
38 Select data from database on the fly 
39 Update data from database on the fly 
40 Delete data from database on the fly 
41 Single and multiple form data upload on the fly 
42 Facebook Like button, Twitter Follow button, infinite scrolling
coding using php, MySQL and AJAX - project
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