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Monday, 27 January 2014

Advanced and modern On Page SEO training in Kolkata, learn Complete and uptodate SEO in Kolkata, Howrah and surroundings

Up-to-date and advanced On Page SEO training in Kolkata - Recent changes on Google Search Engine algorithm

SEO or more precisely Google Search Engine’s algorithm is ever changing and updating very frequently. On 2013 we have seen three major and effective algorithm updates (Penguin, Panda & Hummingbird) on Google which causes tremendous changes on SEO processes and strategies for most of the companies across the globe. Now why Google is making these changes, the reason being Google is targeting to produce most relevant links to it’s human searchers for a particular keyword or keyword phrase and another important thing is that Google is looking for some ways to abandon the web spammers from abusing Search Engines and overall internet and without any doubts Google succeeded to achieve the spam filtering upto a certain level.

The effects of Google algorithm changes on the SEO job market

The good thing is that the more Google introducing these algorithmic updates or changes the more new SEO vacancies are opening in the Search Engine Optimization job market in Kolkata. Previously SEO was mostly understood as in-bound link building process but now the picture of SEO industry is changing drastically and rapidly. Today SEO companies in Kolkata and across India are more keen to hire actual and properly SEO (OnPage SEO + OffPage SEO) trained individuals. Companies are looking for certain skill sets on SEO which are very high end and require proper On Page SEO training.

This is really unfortunate that most of the SEO training institutes in Kolkata are following the same old, back-dated and unethical black-hat procedures of SEO (though they don’t agree) to train their students. As a result those half-trained students are not becoming as true SEO professionals and are unable to grow vertically and horizontally in their professional SEO career.

On-Page SEO is becoming more and more important and hence it is not an easy job if not get trained properly. We always train our students according to Google’s guideline, Our up-to-date, complete and advanced SEO training modules always make students as industry ready and help them to grow professionally in their SEO career.

Advanced on page SEO training in Kolkata, Howrah

On Page SEO training has different processes and strategies. Starting from –

  • Proper understanding of a business and it’s different objects which is must for today’s modern SEO.
  • Knowing and thoroughly understanding the online gathering of consumers, proper demographic, targeted audience of a business.
  • Understanding the basics of HTML. Validating and rectifying HTML errors.
  • On-Page competition research for a particular business.
  • Keyword analysis - Manually and using Google Keyword Planner & different other online tools.
  • Understanding the importance of different HTML Meta tags and their different roles on OnPage SEO.
  • Page Title optimization.
  • Cannibalization issues (what is cannibalization and how to find it in a very big dynamic website) and it’s remedies.
  • Meta description & Meta keyword analysis and optimization.
  • Search Engine friendly and user readable (keywords centric) URL formatting.
  • Content optimization, strategic keyword placements and keyword density checking on contents.
  • Content plagiarism issues and how to use the effective content spinners.
  • Importance of outbound links for web pages and how to optimize and use outbound links properly.
  • What is no-follow and do-follow links and how to use them and where to use them.
  • Proper inner linking between different web pages. Dead page concept and why not to leave a dead page in a website.
  • Google publisher mark-up and authorship mark-up and how and why to use them.
  • What is web schema, understanding why to use schema and how schemas help different Search Engines to understand a business and it’s different properties.
  • Schema implementation on web pages for different business types.
  • Understanding Blogs, their structure and use for effective on-page SEO.
  • Creating and maintaining a Blog.
  • How to use Blogs in good SEO favour for a business website.
  • How to use youtube videos on a website for business conversions.
  • How to create copy righted (ownership) Youtube videos. (we also teach the monetization or money making process or adsense using Youtube videos and Blogs.)
  • Google Webmaster tool understanding.
  • How to integrate webmaster tool to a business website or blog.
  • How to use Google webmaster tool to identify different types of SEO related health issues of a website. And how to rectify or remove them.
  • Google Analytics tool understanding.
  • Different integration techniques of analytics tool to business websites or blogs.
  • How Google analytics can help a business to achieve more targeted customers by proper re-targeting.
  • What is sitemap files. Different types of sitemaps. Why it is important for Search Engines and how to use them.
  • Robots.txt file creation. How and why to use them for more effective Search Engine Results.
  • What is Google Disavow tool, how to write a disavow and how to use it to remove bad or suspicious links.

Apart from all these above mentioned Onpage SEO techniques and our Offpage SEO training processes there are certain things we teach what you won’t learn in any of the SEO training institutes inKolkata and surroundings.

Remember our main aim and vision is to make you ready and future safe for the SEO industry and we are working continuously for the same.

We do not believe in batch systems because we believe in taking care of each student individually & personally and as a fact we teach in a homely atmosphere where two students learn SEO from the 6+ years experienced SEO expert.

Now if you have decided to learn the proper Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Optimization in Kolkata or Howrah then do not waste your time searching for institutes, just give us a call and get trained on up-to-date, complete and modern SEO and SMO.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization Training in Kolkata

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