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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Join The Best SEO Training Institute in Kolkata, West Bengal

Benefits That You Can Get By Joining The Best SEO Training Institute in Kolkata

SEO training institute in kolkata, west bengal


About SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is basically a set of techniques that is mainly used to enhance the organic online visibility and the traffic of a website by increasing the ranking of the site in the Search Engine Result Pages higher than numerous other sites in response to any related search query. SEO is mainly a combination of science and arts. The science part deals with all the engineering, technicalities and the technology of the sites like as information architecture, the user experience, the data analysis and the HTML. On the other hand, the art is about understanding any business, the behavior of the customers and then influence them by adding value and getting values in return in the forms of business leads, sales conversions and branding.

The scope of job in SEO


The online industry has grown up a lot in the recent times and SEO plays a major role in bringing the visitors to any site and therefore, almost all the companies are spending a lot in SEO. This is why, SEO has become a really happening area with numerous types of job opportunities, especially for people trained on SEO from a reputed SEO institute like SEO Training Kolkata.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Best PHP Training Institute In Kolkata

Best PHP Training Institute in Kolkata to get you a good career on PHP in Kolkata

PHP training institute in kolkata

Are you looking for the best PHP training institute in Kolkata to learn the advanced PHP MySQL technologies? Do you dream to work as a successful web developer with a thorough knowledge of the PHP programming language or do you want to build dynamic websites for your clients as a PHP freelancer? If yes, then this advanced PHP training institute in Kolkata can surely fulfil your dreams.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Complete SEO training in Kolkata with On-Page and Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization - SEO training in kolkata


Today it is impossible to run a successful business without a website but this is not the end. One company may have a very good, attractive and user engaging website in their niche for their business but it is of no use, if their expected online customers can’t find their website when searched in different search engines and social media websites. This is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes into the picture.

Today it is almost obvious that no one goes to the pages beyond the page one of Google, Yahoo, Ask or Bing when they search for some products or services and if a company’s website is not well optimized and if it is showing up in the page one of different search engines then the company must go and take a professional SEO service which can boost their ranking, website traffic and ultimately maximize their revenue. These days more and more companies, big or small, are opting professional SEO services from different search engine optimization companies. In return those SEO companies are generating huge numbers of job opportunities for fresh (trained on SEO) and experienced SEO professionals. This is where we, as a well established SEO service and training company in Kolkata plays a vital role to educate and prepare future SEO professionals.

Online Social Media Optimization Training in Kolkata

Online Social Media Training in Kolkata and India

Online social media training in kolkata and india

These days, Social Media works like a strong driving force in this world. This is one of the places where people not only connect to the friends, but with the strangers, brands, public figures across the globe. The Social Media platforms don’t only hold the potential for the personal affects, but also for the companies. The businesses, especially the startups can gain a lot from the Social Media.

The Social Media Optimization procedure makes the customer management and brand recognition really easy and less expensive. But apart from following the other strategies, the startup businesses also need to play the Social Media Optimization strategies carefully to engage the potential clients through the Social Media.

Twitter and Facebook are two biggest Social Media platforms of the present time and both of these need presence from every business. Conversation as well as engagement with the customers and the prospective clients in the social media can really go into the conceivable direction for the startup businesses. It is often noticeable that the off-topic conversations can bring more followers to the Twitter or bring more attention to the Facebook profile.

But the businesses that have necessary resources can include other Social Media sites like Pinterest, Google+, Tumbler and other social networking platforms that are relevant to the regions of the businesses. Using the Social Media for the branding can bring excellent and exceptional results for the startup businesses.

For the startup companies, having a great social media presence is very important to drive the potential clients and investors to the businesses. Running the best social media platforms and engaging the clients through these can be really beneficial for the business, hence not doing it properly can result in losing the focus and driving off the path. But the main focus should be on the businesses. In order to make the things work out properly, it is important for the startups to join a good Social Media Optimization training program.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Small Business SEO Problems and Tips

SEO tips for small businesses

In this digital era when we are talking about SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Micro blogging, Article Marketing, Smart Phones etc. there are numerous businesses and entrepreneurs who do not have the basic ideas on search engine optimization and even it is not overly said that many of the small and local businesses not even heard anything about SEO. They are completely unaware of what SEO is and how it can help them in marketing and sales and it may sound ridiculous and unbelievable but this is true that they are completely ignorant of the importance of SEO for small businesses.

Now the problem is not with the ignorance but the problem is that there are plenty of small business SEO services companies who are taking the advantage of this incognizance. I am not saying that all SEO companies are doing the same, there are very good SEO and digital marketing companies who are providing really good Search Engine Services but at the same time there are SEO companies who are actually cheating or misleading their small business clients.

The solution for this is the knowledge and cognizance. Small business owners, entrepreneurs should know the fundamentals of SEO and they have to be very much clear about what the ethical SEO is and what is the unethical SEO. Now this is not a very big deal to understand the basics of search engines, after all they are running a business so if they get an opportunity to learn SEO then they can and they should. Especially after 2013 Panda and Penguin update of Google, this is almost inevitable and If you continue to ignore SEO and its supreme power to grow a business or if your optimizer is doing something blackhat and spammy then you are actually pulling back your own business and at the end of the day you are losing the opportunity to do better and more sales.

small business seo tips

Now if you are running a small business or if you are an entrepreneur then this basic Small Business SEO guide may help you to understand how to start your search engine optimization campaign.

Monday, 5 May 2014

6 Killer SEO Tips for Blogspot Bloggers

Blogspot SEO checklist 2014, latest SEO techniques for blogger

Blogspot Blog engine by Google is one of the best Blogging platforms for newbies, businesses or professional bloggers. It is one of the oldest blog engine which is completely free and if you follow some basic blogspot seo tips then surely your blog can give you your desired and targeted results. Being a free blogging tool, indeed there are couple of disadvantages of blogspot but if you learn the ethical and modern art of SEO then it is just a matter of time to get the success from this awesome blogging tool.

seo tips for blogspot bloggers

Saturday, 3 May 2014

7 Common Technical SEO Issues and Their Solutions

Technical SEO Factors, Problems & Tips, Understand and Know How to Resolve

In our day-to-day SEO training in Kolkata, we used to come across different learners from different educational and professional backgrounds. Some of them are students, some of them are working SEO professionals and some of them are coming from business backgrounds. Again many of our students are from non-technical backgrounds like Bachelor of Science or Commerce or even from Arts with a very limited or almost no knowledge on Search Engine Optimization. Though SEO learning doesn’t require any type of prerequisite skills on any particular technology but it is better if a student knows HTML. But very surprisingly many times we have seen that even working SEO professionals (not everyone) with two + years’ experience, do not know or understand some of the technical issues of SEO which happen very often on a website.

If we do an SEO technical audit then we can easily understand what types of technical problems are arising and on which webpages they are actually happening. There are lots of free SEO technical audit tool in the market which can be used to explore and identify such technical SEO factors.

In this article we will see 7 such SEO technical problems which happen and stay unnoticed and unresolved on websites often.

Please note, to identify, understand and rectify those technical issues of SEO you don’t have to possess some high SEO technical skills even you don’t have to be from an engineering or technical background. These are just some problems which can be solved by any well trained search engine optimizer.

SEO technical factors and tips

Monday, 28 April 2014

10 Killer Content Writing Tips and Content Optimization Training in Kolkata

Content Writing Tips and Training in Kolkata

There are only two things in modern SEO. First one is well Optimized Content and the second is the good quality back-links from authority sites (on same niche or industry). In this article we will see how to write search engine optimized and sharable contents which will help in ranking higher on different search engines. We provide optimized content writing training in Kolkata, India.

1.  Quality Content

Writing contents are not important but writing optimized, good quality, well researched, focused and informative contents relevant to your industry with strong Call to Action (CTA) is very important. Remember, here quality matters more that quantity. Write contents on interesting topics related to your niche for your audience which will attract more shares and engagements on social media platforms and will get more quality inbound links from high authority sites naturally. Concentrate on a particular topic per article. Creating content which is well written, informative and able to solve some problems and add more knowledge and values to your audience is very much important. Creating such contents regularly and frequently will surely boost search engine ranking over time. Always check the grammar, spelling and punctuation of your articles before publishing them. Poor grammar and spelling errors can stop you to rank higher on SERP.

content writing training in kolkata

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Add Your Business to Google Places 2014

Step by step guide to list a business on Google Places (Google Local)

Google Places (formerly Google Local) is one of the best free services from Google for local businesses. Adding your business information to Google Places is an important step towards Local Search Engine Optimization. Google Places has some great features which enables local business owners to show their important business details (like Business Name, Address, Phone Number and Website) on 7 pack Google Local results on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Listing your business on Google Places not only helps you to come on Google search but also it shows your business details on Google Map.

By adding a business to Google Places you are actually registering or storing your business information in Google database. Google places allows local business owners to input and update their business details like business name, address, contact details, categories, operating hours, payment options, pictures, videos, coupons and business descriptions.

Google is the biggest search engine worldwide and more than 65% - 75% internet searchers prefer and trust Google. And most amazingly above 80% searches are local and over 30% of search queries contain a city or area name that means mostly people searches something locally by inputting their city name in their search queries (keywords). 80% of all searches done on smartphones are for local services or products. So if your business is not listed on Google Places then do not waste your time and please add your business to Google Places NOW.

In this article we will see how to enlist a business to Google Places, step by step.

1.  Visit Google Places site

Visit Google Places website at

Once you are on the site, click “Get Started For Free” button. Google will prompt you to log in. I will recommend you to create a new Google account for Google Places business listing purpose. Or else you can use your existing Google account to sign in.

google places for local and small businesses

Monday, 21 April 2014

10 best Local SEO tips for Small Business Optimization and Higher ranking

Local SEO Tips for Local and Small Business

For a business this is very important to come on the first page of Google when searched with their keyword/s. Even more precisely it is better to rank higher on the first page on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Now there is not much difference in Local SEO and normal SEO but indeed Local SEO has some of the unique things which needs to get done for better results on organic local listing on SERP.

What types of businesses need Local SEO

Local Hotels
Interior Decoration business
Retail Stores
Doctors, Lawyers, Florists

Mostly any types of businesses which get most of their customers locally and have their physical business address should do local optimization.

How to do Local SEO

Local SEO for Small and Local Business

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Complete and Basic-to-Advanced SEO Training Course in Kolkata for Students, Professionals, Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Comprehensive, Advanced and Ethical SEO training course in Kolkata

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an attractive career path for job seekers as well as for freelancers. Our SEO course in Kolkata is comprehensive, completely ethical and result oriented. This industry designed SEO training enables you to become as a professional Search Engine Optimizer and you will be able to take on and execute any SEO related jobs or projects on your own. Our detailed and step by step SEO training in Kolkata is completely up to date according to the recent Google algorithm updates, concepts and methodologies.

We offer face to face and classroom SEO training in Kolkata to students, professionals, freelancers, bloggers, business owners, entrepreneurs and startup companies.

By taking and completing this Search Engine training any individual will be able to get an SEO job in Search Engine industry in Kolkata and outside at ease, according to their expertise, experience.

This training on SEO in Kolkata enables local or small business owners, marketing professionals and bloggers to drive more traffic, leads and conversions to any type of websites or blogs ethically and steadily.

Individuals or freelancers who are willing to start working on SEO services as an independent Search Engine Consultant will be benefitted by this SEO training classes and will be able to enhance their existing skills and knowledge on SEO.

This Search Engine Optimization training is completely result driven and all of the project works will be done on live websites (no Demo Projects). All required SEO tools, softwares and materials will be provided to each individual and no additional costs will be charged for any of them.


Friday, 7 March 2014

Expert SEO trainer in Kolkata

Private SMO coach and SEO Trainer in Kolkata

Hello friends, this is Soumya an expert, private SMO & SEO professional and trainer and coach in Kolkata.

I am into SEO services and other web technologies like PHP and SMO services for last 6+ years and also providing training and coaching to students, freshers as well as many SEO professionals and companies in Kolkata and surroundings. I have been involved as SEO trainer and faculty in many of the renowned SEO training institutes, across India and also taking corporate SEO interviews on behalf of many companies.

I train on Ethical and White Hat SEO including On Page optimization, Off Page optimization, Blogging, Youtube, Web based Video making and SMO.

Why should YOU learn SEO

  • SEO is on demand in IT industry ever than before and this demand is bound to increase in near future and will continue to grow.
  • SEO pays good salary as a job or you can make good amount of money working from home as an SEO freelancer. The best part is that the income from doing SEO is recurring, stable and dependable for a secured and safe future.
  • SEO is an attractive Job position and the professional growth as an SEO executive or as an independent SEO consultant is huge.
  • You will be able to start blogging as your profession. Professional bloggers are making huge income each month just doing blogging and SEO. Please do not think that blogging is very easy or you can make money by doing nothing, definitely you have to learn proper and ethical SEO and how to start and maintain your blog for a decent source of income. Additionally you have to have patience, dedication, trust and have to work smart.
  • Youtube is another source of stable and recurring income and by this course you will be able to start your own youtube channel. Not only this you will be learning how to make explainer videos and web based videos for your Youtube channel or for other client companies.
  • If you are running a small business or if you are an internet entrepreneur or a bootstrap startup company then you must be hiring SEO and SMO professionals or service companies to promote and boost your ranking on social media sites and Google search engine respectively. But do you know that hiring an SEO freelancer or service company without knowing SEO can create troubles for your business? Today SEO has changed hugely and you should learn ethical and white-hat SEO before on boarding any employee or freelancer or any SEO service company.

SEO trainer and coach in Kolkata

Friday, 21 February 2014

12 Best Onpage SEO Factors Which Will Surely Boost website Ranking

Best Onpage SEO Techniques for Better Ranking on SERP

Onpage Optimization and Offpage Optimization are two different parts of overall SEO and generally come at two different stages of Search Engine Optimization. Onpage SEO means the optimization techniques we used to do ON our website or ON a webpage which is being optimized. Depending on the technology (CMS or Blog or customized web application) Onpage Optimization should be done when the website is getting built or the articles are getting written and ideally it should be completed before the launching of the site or posting of a new content.

Offpage SEO is done OUTSIDE of the website once it is live on internet or after we publish a new web content (new URL)

There are many ON Page SEO factors which help to increase the rank of a website or a webpage. In this post we will see what and how to do on page SEO ethically to boost the ranking of a site.

1.  Importance of Page Title on SEO

Page Title is the most valuable and important On-Page SEO factor for a website.

The typical length of Page Title is 70 including everything (alphabets, numbers, special characters, spaces etc.).

All pages within a website should have unique Page Titles with the most important targeted keyword/s for or about that page.

One well optimized Page Title should start with the keyword/s instead of mentioning the keywords in the middle or at the end of the Title.

Use modifiers like best, top, advanced, year, list etc. in your Page Title which will help to rank high on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and to get better CTR (Click Through Rate).

Concentrate on one topic per page. Do not write similar contents on same topic with same or identical targeted keyword/s or keywords phrase/s on multiple pages page title.
Read Moz article on Keyword Cannibalization.

2.  Optimized Meta Description

Meta Descriptions are the second most important on-page SEO factor after Page Title.

Meta Description plays two different roles on overall SEO. First, if properly and naturally optimized then it will help to get better ranking on SERP for specific keyword/s and secondly if it is well written without any grammatical or spelling errors and if it is appealing and sounds credible then it would deliver better CTR to a website.

Write natural Meta Descriptions mentioning the variation of primary keyword/s (for Bots) and describing the overall page topic (for humans) uniquely within 150 characters.

Each page within a website should have unique Meta Descriptions. DO NOT put duplicate Meta Description on multiple pages.
Check Matt Cutts video on best SEO practice for Meta Description

We can check duplicate Page Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords at Goole Webmaster tool. On webmaster tool site dashboard click on Site Appearance and then on HTML improvements section we can check if we have any long, short or duplicate Meta tags or Page Titles.

How to do On Page SEO

Monday, 17 February 2014

Top 6 legitimate ways to earn money online

Top 6 reliable and scalable ways to earn money by working online at home

First of all we would like to confirm that there is nothing called easy money. If there was something like that then perhaps no one would have worked hard day after day. To earn money or to become successful everyone must have to work hard, hold patience and be dedicated & consistent. The amount of money we can earn online depends on the time, efforts and expertise level invested for the same.

We are jotting down some of the most legitimate, reliable and scalable source of online income in India. Depending on your skill set you have to decide which suits you mostly and start working harder on that. Please do not expect that a huge amount of money will start to flow to your bank account overnight.

1. Earn Money by Providing SEO and SEM Services to clients

Search Engine Optimization or SEO and Search Engine Marketing or SEM is booming day after day in India and across the globe. Mostly small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-up companies are hiring professional Search Engine Optimizers or Marketers as freelancer. These types of businesses always have some tight budget for their promotional or marketing activities and mostly they cannot afford to appoint an SEO or SEM service company and that is the reason they prefer to hire individual freelancers for SEO or internet marketing for their business websites or blogs.

Search Engine Optimization or Marketing is high end skill set that is used to bring a website on the first page of Google with good ranking for particular keyword/s. If you are capable of doing this then you can utilize your skills to earn good amount of money month after month.

Unlike most other open source skills where you design or develop something for your client and get paid one time but in case of SEO, it is long term in nature and should be continued as long as one business wants their website to be on the first page of Google for their business keyword/s. So if you can deliver good Return of Investment (ROI) to your clients in terms of quality and targeted visitors/conversions/sales to their website or business then they will be more than happy to pay you each month for your SEO or SEM services.

Initially getting clients might look difficult but first you have to understand and select your target market and channels to promote your services. If you are an SEO trained individual or professional then you can use different Social Medias to get initial clients by sharing your knowledge and solving their SEO related queries and problems on different communities and groups. This will surely get you your first client. Always remember to deliver quality services because that will bring more clients and references to you. Build relationship on Social Medias as because that will matter at the end of the day.

Other than Social Medias, there are different other types of websites from where you can get freelancing SEO or SEM jobs. We all know about classified websites like Quikr, OLX, Craigslist, Backpage, Gumtree etc. You can use these free ad posting websites to reach to your prospective clients by simply posting quality ads related to your SEO or Search Engine Marketing services regularly (please do not spam those sites). There are couple of websites like,,,, and other freelancing sites which can be utilized for the same.

2. Website designing can get you good amount of income

If you are a creative website designer then you can make good amount of money by designing quality and attractive websites for different companies. Website designing is comparatively easier and needs no pre technical skillset or educational background. If you are creative by nature and if you can design visually beautiful websites then you can shine in this line. This is a bit tough market because competition is very high in the local, national and international market. But if you are good in this then you have to know how to promote and sell your skills to others to get regular clients for web designing. We would suggest you to focus on your local market first, build some (at least 10) quality websites and make the portfolio which you can further use to attract more clients beyond your initial targeted market.

A good designer has many good prospective ways on which they can work and earn regularly without any limits. You have to be always industry ready in terms of web designing skill sets. Like, now-a-days responsive websites are on trend and indeed this is required to target or tap the huge mobile users. More and more companies are leaning to redesign or re-launch their fresh responsive websites for their targeted audience. So if you are good in responsive site designing then you have a very good opportunity and market for you.

Do not limit yourself into website designing only. Learn to design infographics, web based business presentations, ebook covers, website logos and blog or wordpress themes etc. These all are very good for regular earning.

Top 6 ways to make money online by working at home

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Why small and medium sized business owners in India should learn SEO

You have to rely and depend on SEO to grow your new or small business organically in long run

India is a young nation and its business echo system is booming and expanding very fast. More and more businesses are starting up in India and the best part is that the rural India is also playing a major role in the Indian business sphere. In India we have some basic infrastructure problems which are hindering the growth of the small businesses specially who are operating or doing business in the rural India though they have very high potentials.

Now no matter whether you are doing your business in rural or urban India, if you want to do your business or specifically if you want to increase the sales of your products or services then you have to have a strong presence across internet. So a company website for your business is must now-a-days. But only having a website on internet is not going to help you much today in terms of sales, as because today the competition is much higher than ever before. And that is why you need to market your products or services virtually to your targeted online customers or clients. This is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays the major role in drawing new customers and retain the old customers of your business organically.

If you are unknown about what is SEO or how it is going to help your business then feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you in this regard. Simply Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique or set of strategies and processes which brings your website at the higher position (on first page good rank) on different search engine (SERP) like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc.

Most of the Indian youth customers and consumers make their buying decision by searching on Google search engine just as like you. So you can understand, if your business comes on the first page on Google when searched with your business keyword then it is quite natural for you to do more businesses and thus SEO generates more sales and revenue for your business. But on the contrary if your business website is not coming on the first page of Google with a good top position then you are loosing most of the potential buyers of your products or services and thus doing fewer businesses than what you could have done.

SEO training in Kolkata for small businesses

There are many good SEO service companies who will give you the ethical and organic ranking by following the actual SEO (Google) guideline but there are numbers of spammy and cheap SEO service providers who can fool you to make some quick money. The most dangerous thing is that SEO starts to show it’s results approximately after 3 months  of it's inception and if it is done unethically and unnaturally then there are huge risks of loosing your footprints on Google and other search engines and it is even more difficult to recover your site from that state. You should be aware of those types of companies. Now you may ask how would you know or identify those spammy and unethical companies. Yes that is a bit difficult for you if you know nothing about SEO and your actual business needs from an SEO service provider. SEO changes or rather improves very frequently so as your business strategies and you must learn SEO on your own for the sake of your business (at least the basics of SEO and the actual guidelines of Google Webmaster).

The basics of SEO are very simple which can be learnt easily and does not require any type of technical expertise. At our SEO training facility in Kolkata we offer Search Engine Optimization training to various small businesses which helps them to grow and do better business in long term.

We follow fully customizable, flexible, adaptable and totally industry designed SEO syllabus for different types of businesses in Kolkata as SEO strategies vary a lot depending on the business and its type. We understand that the business owners and small business marketers are extremely busy with their daily business related jobs and again learning SEO is another time consuming work-load but we would like to assure you that this is going to be worth of your valuable time in long run for your business and company.

The benefits of learning SEO being a business owner, entrepreneur or marketer

Friday, 7 February 2014

Video making and marketing training in Kolkata and Howrah

Video marketing training in Kolkata – how to make money doing video creation and video marketing in Kolkata and Howrah

In the year of 2013 on SEO industry we have seen huge changes on different algorithms, techniques, concepts etc. Among them video marketing is one of the most valuable upcoming trend. Videos are more appealing than a picture and even more attractive than simple text articles. Videos help getting good quality back-links for SEO, videos make the brand identity and awareness about a product or service. Previously mostly big companies used to use videos to attract more and more customers and to market their products to a vast number of people because video marketing was one of the most costly and niche marketing or campaigning type. But since last few years it is becoming more and more popular and affordable to the medium and small sized companies, brands or start-up entrepreneurs.

There are couple of different types of videos. Like –
  • Product or Service demonstration or  explainer videos.
  • Customer feedback Videos.
  • Press Release videos.
  • How To or Do It Yourself (DIY) videos.
  • Online Training videos (Webinar).
  • Marketing videos.
  • Event or Seminar videos and many others.

There are different types of services associated with web video industry.

  • Web Video making or creation services.
  • Web Videos for SEO.
  • Web Video marketing services.

As a freelancer or part timer you can earn huge money by doing any of these video services.

Monday, 3 February 2014

SEO Jobs, Career growth and earning opportunities in Kolkata and India

How is the career of a trained SEO and how is the job market in India and what are the earning opportunities in SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an IT skill set and a set of processes or techniques which enables a website (URL) to come on the first page of Google with a good ranking when searched for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. Thus SEO helps businesses to reach to their millions and billions of customers easily and organically and hence generates more sales and money for that business or the company.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a hunger’s job. You should join SEO industry if you can see opportunities in all the challenges and if you have a real fire in your belly to earn good amount of money. Yes, today’s modern SEO is a challenging job which needs proper training, hard work and a continuous willingness to learn new things whenever get a chance.

Previous Vs. Current industry requirements on SEO – JOB Market on SEO

1 or 2 years back SEO was a happy-go-lucky kind of smart IT job or career path where no particular educational or technical background was required. Things have not changed much, still now you do not have to be from a technical background to pursue your career on SEO. You can be from a general degree or diploma background from various streams like BA, BSc, BCom, BCA, polytechnic or any master degree or technical degree and easily can start your career on SEO or digital or internet marketing industry. But previously the SEO industry was more flat and generic where a fresher with a little bit of knowledge on HTML and SEO can join a company as SEO professional. But now-a-days companies in Kolkata and across India are preferring to hire properly trained and industry ready SEO professionals. Today’s SEO is no way similar to the SEO of 2010 or 2011. SEO has evolved a lot in last few years and there are huge opportunities for new graduates. Today most of the IT, Media, PR and Mass Com. companies are having their own SEO vertical and hiring huge numbers of properly trained fresher SEO and experienced SEO professionals.

SEO career and job opportunities in Kolkata and India

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Advanced SMO training in Kolkata, learn complete Social Media Optimization in Kolkata, Howrah

Social Media Optimization or SMO training in Kolkata and Howrah - Learn complete and advanced SMO

The SocialMedia Optimization or SMO term was first introduced by Rohit Bhargava in the year of 2006 when it was just in it’s nascent stage. The concept and activities on social media has changed dramatically over last few years. Today almost all big, medium and small companies and individuals (SMO Pros) are targeting different social medias to bring more valuable customers or consumers to their own or client’s website to get more conversions on their product or service. Social medias are now a kind of online tool to brand your business or personality or online identity.

Almost all of us know and use Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus but very few of us know that we can use these free platforms to drive huge traffic or users to a website as well and we can utilize these networking sites to brand a business very uniquely to a vast user population.

The Job Market for a trained SMO in Kolkata and India

In India Social Media Optimization is at it’s beginning stage and now it is growing very very fast and more and more reputed companies are leaning towards hiring professional Social Media Optimizers left and right. Being a part of total Digital Marketing, SMO has tremendous positive future in India and across the globe. The job market in Kolkata for properly trained Social Media Optimizers is very bright and future safe. The best thing is that SMO by definition does not require any prerequisite technical know-how-to skills or any particular educational background. Any bachelor or diploma degree holder or master degree holder can learn SMO in kolkata and start their professional career as a pro SMO in various IT or SEO, Media and PR companies across the country.

In our Social Media Optimization training class in Kolkata we follow and teach the industry designed SMO course structure which will enable you to get a good and attractive job in the industry or even you can start working as an independent Social Media professional or consultant. Opportunities for good career and earning are basically endless. Only as a professional SMO you have to be positive and outspoken in nature.

Social Media Optimization SMO training in Kolkata

Brief about our advanced SMO training structure in Kolkata

§  Concept of Social Signals and Social Proof and how it can be amplified over entire internet organically and socially.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How to do Off Page SEO, learn proper and white-hat Offpage SEO techniques in Kolkata – Pro Level SEO training facility

Advanced Offpage Search Engine Optimization training in Kolkata and Howrah

What is Off Page SEO? OffPage SEO is the 2nd part of the overall SEO process (after On Page SEO) where you concentrate on working mostly outside of your website (being optimized) like link-building, reputation management, article marketing, social or business blogging, networking etc.

Today Offpage SEO is not only limited into inbound or back link building, rather it is more like ORM (Online Reputation Management) across the internet. One good and natural off page SEO is a continuous job but relatively easier but time consuming than onpage Optimization.

The problem is most of us think that offpage SEO is link building by hook or crook and there we all destroy our over all time, energy and money. Most of the SEO training institutes in Kolkata are doing the same old book, copy paste kind of job and teaching their students the same robotic link building methods. But seriously, things have changed dramatically on SEO over last few years. Now Search Engine Algorithm or Bots are more like humans and they love the natural and human things.

Now what is inbound links or backlinks or external links, these are the links (URL) which are originating outside your entire website and pointing towards your website or any of your website inner page (deep linking).

Why authority external or inbound links are important for effective offpage SEO

First of all we should understand that why good quality inbound (Back or external) links are important for good ranking on Search Engines. The answer is quiet simple, think offline and logical, think yourself as a company, the more people know about your company or products or services the more you are popular and hence doing more business. In online arena the same thing is happening where the links (not only quantity but quality first) decide your popularity over internet and to Search Engine’s Ranking as well. Now again go back to the same assumption and behave yourself as a company, now think if one reputed and eminent personality of your locality or your country knows you then that is much more effective for your popularity than 100s of general people know you. So the quality matters more than the quantity. Same conception is there on Off-Page Optimization, where we should get good quality, authority links (popularity) gradually, ethically and naturally.

Now suppose there are three persons A, B and C. A is running a business, B has purchased something from A and B is very happy with that product of A. C is another person who is looking for the same type of product which B recently purchased from A. Now C asked B about it and B happily recommended A to C. Think, if the whole conversation between B and C happened online then B must share A’s website link to C to recommend it and thus B is creating a natural link for A (without A’s direct involvements).

This is how Offpage link building should work ideally. But this is practically impossible today, so we build our own inbound links without waiting for another person to create our links on internet. But this self link building should be natural, ethical and authoritative.

In our training on Off Page SEO in Kolkata we teach our students the natural and ethical ways to build links and not only we teach link building techniques but also we train them about how to create, scale and maintain the overall link reputation or popularity on internet for different type businesses.

Advanced Off Page SEO training course in Kolkata, Howrah

We are jotting down some of the very general Off Page SEO procedures.

§  Understanding different unethical SEO procedures and how to avoid them.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Advanced and modern On Page SEO training in Kolkata, learn Complete and uptodate SEO in Kolkata, Howrah and surroundings

Up-to-date and advanced On Page SEO training in Kolkata - Recent changes on Google Search Engine algorithm

SEO or more precisely Google Search Engine’s algorithm is ever changing and updating very frequently. On 2013 we have seen three major and effective algorithm updates (Penguin, Panda & Hummingbird) on Google which causes tremendous changes on SEO processes and strategies for most of the companies across the globe. Now why Google is making these changes, the reason being Google is targeting to produce most relevant links to it’s human searchers for a particular keyword or keyword phrase and another important thing is that Google is looking for some ways to abandon the web spammers from abusing Search Engines and overall internet and without any doubts Google succeeded to achieve the spam filtering upto a certain level.

The effects of Google algorithm changes on the SEO job market

The good thing is that the more Google introducing these algorithmic updates or changes the more new SEO vacancies are opening in the Search Engine Optimization job market in Kolkata. Previously SEO was mostly understood as in-bound link building process but now the picture of SEO industry is changing drastically and rapidly. Today SEO companies in Kolkata and across India are more keen to hire actual and properly SEO (OnPage SEO + OffPage SEO) trained individuals. Companies are looking for certain skill sets on SEO which are very high end and require proper On Page SEO training.

This is really unfortunate that most of the SEO training institutes in Kolkata are following the same old, back-dated and unethical black-hat procedures of SEO (though they don’t agree) to train their students. As a result those half-trained students are not becoming as true SEO professionals and are unable to grow vertically and horizontally in their professional SEO career.

On-Page SEO is becoming more and more important and hence it is not an easy job if not get trained properly. We always train our students according to Google’s guideline, Our up-to-date, complete and advanced SEO training modules always make students as industry ready and help them to grow professionally in their SEO career.

Advanced on page SEO training in Kolkata, Howrah

On Page SEO training has different processes and strategies. Starting from –

  • Proper understanding of a business and it’s different objects which is must for today’s modern SEO.