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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Advanced SMO training in Kolkata, learn complete Social Media Optimization in Kolkata, Howrah

Social Media Optimization or SMO training in Kolkata and Howrah - Learn complete and advanced SMO

The SocialMedia Optimization or SMO term was first introduced by Rohit Bhargava in the year of 2006 when it was just in it’s nascent stage. The concept and activities on social media has changed dramatically over last few years. Today almost all big, medium and small companies and individuals (SMO Pros) are targeting different social medias to bring more valuable customers or consumers to their own or client’s website to get more conversions on their product or service. Social medias are now a kind of online tool to brand your business or personality or online identity.

Almost all of us know and use Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus but very few of us know that we can use these free platforms to drive huge traffic or users to a website as well and we can utilize these networking sites to brand a business very uniquely to a vast user population.

The Job Market for a trained SMO in Kolkata and India

In India Social Media Optimization is at it’s beginning stage and now it is growing very very fast and more and more reputed companies are leaning towards hiring professional Social Media Optimizers left and right. Being a part of total Digital Marketing, SMO has tremendous positive future in India and across the globe. The job market in Kolkata for properly trained Social Media Optimizers is very bright and future safe. The best thing is that SMO by definition does not require any prerequisite technical know-how-to skills or any particular educational background. Any bachelor or diploma degree holder or master degree holder can learn SMO in kolkata and start their professional career as a pro SMO in various IT or SEO, Media and PR companies across the country.

In our Social Media Optimization training class in Kolkata we follow and teach the industry designed SMO course structure which will enable you to get a good and attractive job in the industry or even you can start working as an independent Social Media professional or consultant. Opportunities for good career and earning are basically endless. Only as a professional SMO you have to be positive and outspoken in nature.

Social Media Optimization SMO training in Kolkata

Brief about our advanced SMO training structure in Kolkata

§  Concept of Social Signals and Social Proof and how it can be amplified over entire internet organically and socially.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How to do Off Page SEO, learn proper and white-hat Offpage SEO techniques in Kolkata – Pro Level SEO training facility

Advanced Offpage Search Engine Optimization training in Kolkata and Howrah

What is Off Page SEO? OffPage SEO is the 2nd part of the overall SEO process (after On Page SEO) where you concentrate on working mostly outside of your website (being optimized) like link-building, reputation management, article marketing, social or business blogging, networking etc.

Today Offpage SEO is not only limited into inbound or back link building, rather it is more like ORM (Online Reputation Management) across the internet. One good and natural off page SEO is a continuous job but relatively easier but time consuming than onpage Optimization.

The problem is most of us think that offpage SEO is link building by hook or crook and there we all destroy our over all time, energy and money. Most of the SEO training institutes in Kolkata are doing the same old book, copy paste kind of job and teaching their students the same robotic link building methods. But seriously, things have changed dramatically on SEO over last few years. Now Search Engine Algorithm or Bots are more like humans and they love the natural and human things.

Now what is inbound links or backlinks or external links, these are the links (URL) which are originating outside your entire website and pointing towards your website or any of your website inner page (deep linking).

Why authority external or inbound links are important for effective offpage SEO

First of all we should understand that why good quality inbound (Back or external) links are important for good ranking on Search Engines. The answer is quiet simple, think offline and logical, think yourself as a company, the more people know about your company or products or services the more you are popular and hence doing more business. In online arena the same thing is happening where the links (not only quantity but quality first) decide your popularity over internet and to Search Engine’s Ranking as well. Now again go back to the same assumption and behave yourself as a company, now think if one reputed and eminent personality of your locality or your country knows you then that is much more effective for your popularity than 100s of general people know you. So the quality matters more than the quantity. Same conception is there on Off-Page Optimization, where we should get good quality, authority links (popularity) gradually, ethically and naturally.

Now suppose there are three persons A, B and C. A is running a business, B has purchased something from A and B is very happy with that product of A. C is another person who is looking for the same type of product which B recently purchased from A. Now C asked B about it and B happily recommended A to C. Think, if the whole conversation between B and C happened online then B must share A’s website link to C to recommend it and thus B is creating a natural link for A (without A’s direct involvements).

This is how Offpage link building should work ideally. But this is practically impossible today, so we build our own inbound links without waiting for another person to create our links on internet. But this self link building should be natural, ethical and authoritative.

In our training on Off Page SEO in Kolkata we teach our students the natural and ethical ways to build links and not only we teach link building techniques but also we train them about how to create, scale and maintain the overall link reputation or popularity on internet for different type businesses.

Advanced Off Page SEO training course in Kolkata, Howrah

We are jotting down some of the very general Off Page SEO procedures.

§  Understanding different unethical SEO procedures and how to avoid them.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Advanced and modern On Page SEO training in Kolkata, learn Complete and uptodate SEO in Kolkata, Howrah and surroundings

Up-to-date and advanced On Page SEO training in Kolkata - Recent changes on Google Search Engine algorithm

SEO or more precisely Google Search Engine’s algorithm is ever changing and updating very frequently. On 2013 we have seen three major and effective algorithm updates (Penguin, Panda & Hummingbird) on Google which causes tremendous changes on SEO processes and strategies for most of the companies across the globe. Now why Google is making these changes, the reason being Google is targeting to produce most relevant links to it’s human searchers for a particular keyword or keyword phrase and another important thing is that Google is looking for some ways to abandon the web spammers from abusing Search Engines and overall internet and without any doubts Google succeeded to achieve the spam filtering upto a certain level.

The effects of Google algorithm changes on the SEO job market

The good thing is that the more Google introducing these algorithmic updates or changes the more new SEO vacancies are opening in the Search Engine Optimization job market in Kolkata. Previously SEO was mostly understood as in-bound link building process but now the picture of SEO industry is changing drastically and rapidly. Today SEO companies in Kolkata and across India are more keen to hire actual and properly SEO (OnPage SEO + OffPage SEO) trained individuals. Companies are looking for certain skill sets on SEO which are very high end and require proper On Page SEO training.

This is really unfortunate that most of the SEO training institutes in Kolkata are following the same old, back-dated and unethical black-hat procedures of SEO (though they don’t agree) to train their students. As a result those half-trained students are not becoming as true SEO professionals and are unable to grow vertically and horizontally in their professional SEO career.

On-Page SEO is becoming more and more important and hence it is not an easy job if not get trained properly. We always train our students according to Google’s guideline, Our up-to-date, complete and advanced SEO training modules always make students as industry ready and help them to grow professionally in their SEO career.

Advanced on page SEO training in Kolkata, Howrah

On Page SEO training has different processes and strategies. Starting from –

  • Proper understanding of a business and it’s different objects which is must for today’s modern SEO.