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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Complete SEO training in Kolkata with On-Page and Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization - SEO training in kolkata


Today it is impossible to run a successful business without a website but this is not the end. One company may have a very good, attractive and user engaging website in their niche for their business but it is of no use, if their expected online customers can’t find their website when searched in different search engines and social media websites. This is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes into the picture.

Today it is almost obvious that no one goes to the pages beyond the page one of Google, Yahoo, Ask or Bing when they search for some products or services and if a company’s website is not well optimized and if it is showing up in the page one of different search engines then the company must go and take a professional SEO service which can boost their ranking, website traffic and ultimately maximize their revenue. These days more and more companies, big or small, are opting professional SEO services from different search engine optimization companies. In return those SEO companies are generating huge numbers of job opportunities for fresh (trained on SEO) and experienced SEO professionals. This is where we, as a well established SEO service and training company in Kolkata plays a vital role to educate and prepare future SEO professionals.

SEO Training in Kolkata
SEO Training in Kolkata

We are a leading Social Media and SEO service company in Kolkata with a search engine optimization team full of enthusiast, creative, well educated and experienced SEO professionals. We also have our core SEO training facility in Kolkata. Training with us is all about arming you with the technology of search engine optimization. We have detailed industry specific curriculum that enables our students to shine as future SEO and digital marketing leader in the industry. We teach, educate and train our students with all the theoretical concepts of SEO and give them all proper step by step real-time situations where they will be engaged with the practical techniques and learn the ifs and buts of the technology in a true interactive manner.

Social Media Optimization or SMO is now becoming a major part in online digital marketing

In our search engine optimization – SEO training in Kolkata we will show how exactly Google and other search engines behave with different websites optimized differently. You will have an interactive classroom facility where limited numbers of similar minded students will learn and facilitate each other. SEO training with us also educates students about social media optimization in detail. Students will gain the knowledge how online social media can be used to generate huge number of traffic to a particular website when optimized properly. By the end of our SEO training in Kolkata all the students will be able to incorporate a proper SEO strategy, execute it in a balanced way and monitor the progress and results. This is our commitment as a SEO company in Kolkata that we make each and every students industry ready to be productive from the very first day of their professional career.

SEO training and course in Kolkata

SEO training in Kolkata, Sodpur,
Khardah, Barrackpore, Belgharia, Dumdum

We have weekend batches as well as week day batches. SEO course duration - 2.5 months - 2 days in a week

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Introduction to SEO 1 What is Search Engine Optimization - SEO
2 What is Search Engine
3 How Search Engines work
4 What is On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO
5 What is Social Media Optimization - SMO
   Understanding HTML Structure    6 Understanding HTML structure
7 Understanding different HTML tags
8 Importance of different HTML Meta tags
On-Page SEO 9 Detail Understanding of On-Page SEO
10 Importance of Keywords and Long-tail Keywords
11 Use of Google keyword Tool to select appropriate keywords for SEO
12 Importance and optimization of HTML Title
13 Importance and optimization of HTML Meta Description
14 Importance and optimization of HTML Meta Keyword 
15 Importance and optimization of HTML h1 Tag
16 Importance and optimization of HTML h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 tags
17 What is keyword density
18 Importance and optimization of keywords in HTML body text 
19 Importance of images on SEO
20 Importance and optimization of img Tag (image)
21 Understanding User Interface and Layouts
22 Understanding Navigation System
23 Understanding Link structure
24 How to write search engine friendly URL
25 Importance of Inter Linking of webpages
26 Understanding the structure of .htaccess file
27 Understanding what is good webpage layout
28 Understanding Static and Dynamic webpages 
29 How to optimize a static web page
30 Understanding the basic programming structure and variables
31 How to optimize Dynamic web pages
32 Understanding the importance and use of robots.txt file
33 Static and dynamic On-Page SEO project
Off-page SEO 34 Detail Understanding of Off-Page SEO
35 Understanding of Inbound and Outbound Links
36 Importance of Outbound Links and whom to Link
37 What is no-follow and do-follow links
38 Different approaches of Inbound Link building techniques
39 What is White Hat and Black Hat Link Building
40 How to get quality Inbound Links
41 Understanding Blogs and importance of Article writing
42 How to submit website URL to Search Engines and directories
43 Importance of DMOZ and Yahoo Directories
44 Understanding of Page rank and Alexa Rank and effects on SEO
45 How to use Google and Bing Webmaster tool
46 Understanding of Organic, Referral and Direct searches
47 How to use Google Analytics
Social Media Optimization - SMO 48 Detail Understanding of SMO
49 How to use Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
50 Importance of Bookmarking sites
51 How to use Stumbleupon, Digg and Delicious
52 How to use Youtube
53 Optimization of Youtube Videos and effects on SEO
54 How to use Slideshare and other websites to generate referral traffic
55 How to use social media website to promote a website

SEO- Search Engine Optimization Training in Kolkata

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