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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Advanced SMO training in Kolkata, learn complete Social Media Optimization in Kolkata, Howrah

Social Media Optimization or SMO training in Kolkata and Howrah - Learn complete and advanced SMO

The SocialMedia Optimization or SMO term was first introduced by Rohit Bhargava in the year of 2006 when it was just in it’s nascent stage. The concept and activities on social media has changed dramatically over last few years. Today almost all big, medium and small companies and individuals (SMO Pros) are targeting different social medias to bring more valuable customers or consumers to their own or client’s website to get more conversions on their product or service. Social medias are now a kind of online tool to brand your business or personality or online identity.

Almost all of us know and use Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus but very few of us know that we can use these free platforms to drive huge traffic or users to a website as well and we can utilize these networking sites to brand a business very uniquely to a vast user population.

The Job Market for a trained SMO in Kolkata and India

In India Social Media Optimization is at it’s beginning stage and now it is growing very very fast and more and more reputed companies are leaning towards hiring professional Social Media Optimizers left and right. Being a part of total Digital Marketing, SMO has tremendous positive future in India and across the globe. The job market in Kolkata for properly trained Social Media Optimizers is very bright and future safe. The best thing is that SMO by definition does not require any prerequisite technical know-how-to skills or any particular educational background. Any bachelor or diploma degree holder or master degree holder can learn SMO in kolkata and start their professional career as a pro SMO in various IT or SEO, Media and PR companies across the country.

In our Social Media Optimization training class in Kolkata we follow and teach the industry designed SMO course structure which will enable you to get a good and attractive job in the industry or even you can start working as an independent Social Media professional or consultant. Opportunities for good career and earning are basically endless. Only as a professional SMO you have to be positive and outspoken in nature.

Social Media Optimization SMO training in Kolkata

Brief about our advanced SMO training structure in Kolkata

§  Concept of Social Signals and Social Proof and how it can be amplified over entire internet organically and socially.
§  Facebook Optimization in DETAIL.
§  Complete and comprehensive understanding of Google Plus platform, optimization and it’s effects on SMO and SEO.
§  Twitter guide for pro-level SMO.
§  Optimization techniques on Linkedin.
§  How to use and optimize Pinterest.
§  How to use hash tags and picture tagging on various social networking websites and tools. Concept of social spamming.
§  Social document (presentations, infographics, documents, pdf files) sharing techniques and how to attract more people to use them as product or service or for knowledge sharing.
§  How to create different Social Pages on different online networking sites.
§  Creating, joining and using different networking channels, communities and groups on different social platforms.
§  Understanding, creating and using of different Rich Snippets, Open Graphs and Cards for SMO.
§  How to create authorship and publisher mark-ups.
§  Complete understanding of social bookmarking sites effectively.
§  How to use Google Analytics to measure your social conversions and ROI.
§  Different online analytic tools and how to utilize them.
§  Generating complete reports on SMO.
§  How to create web videos for portraying or explaining a product or service of a company.
§  Video and picture sharing and optimization and their impacts on social medias.
§  Youtube, Daily Motion and Vimeo video optimization techniques.
§  Event creation on different networking sites and how to promote them easily and effectively.
§  Integrating different Social Media Plugins on a website or blog.
§  How to optimize contents or articles for social virality.
§  Optimization of a complete website for better Social Media Reputation.
§  Hands on SMO job on real time and live websites (Project Work).
§  Authentic earning gateways by working as a part time SMO.

This is just the brief of our entire course structure on Social Media Optimization in Kolkata. Apart from all these you will learn various crucial and major parts of Search Engine Optimization-SEO in our advanced and complete SMO training in Kolkata.

If you are thinking of starting your career in IT Digital Marketing or in Media business or in PR companies or in Mass Communication industry or even if you have enough free time to work as a part timer then this is the course for you and for your better earning and bright and attractive career.

Please note that SEO or SMO or the entire Digital Marketing is not an over-night earning or money-making machine. Like all other skills it also needs some time, experience and expertise to become as a successful SMO. But once you master this skill then money is really endless in this industry. As because, you can work as an independent SMO or SEO consultant even after doing your other regular job and it does not need any pre technical knowledge or background.

We teach two students (max) in a SMO batch where they will be trained from the highly experienced industry expert. We teach only ethical, organic and white-hat techniques on both SMO and SEO because we believe that there are no shortcuts to Honesty, Hard work and Patience. Contact us at 09804457170 for complete details on SMO or SEO.

Advanced SEO training in Kolkata

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