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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How to do Off Page SEO, learn proper and white-hat Offpage SEO techniques in Kolkata – Pro Level SEO training facility

Advanced Offpage Search Engine Optimization training in Kolkata and Howrah

What is Off Page SEO? OffPage SEO is the 2nd part of the overall SEO process (after On Page SEO) where you concentrate on working mostly outside of your website (being optimized) like link-building, reputation management, article marketing, social or business blogging, networking etc.

Today Offpage SEO is not only limited into inbound or back link building, rather it is more like ORM (Online Reputation Management) across the internet. One good and natural off page SEO is a continuous job but relatively easier but time consuming than onpage Optimization.

The problem is most of us think that offpage SEO is link building by hook or crook and there we all destroy our over all time, energy and money. Most of the SEO training institutes in Kolkata are doing the same old book, copy paste kind of job and teaching their students the same robotic link building methods. But seriously, things have changed dramatically on SEO over last few years. Now Search Engine Algorithm or Bots are more like humans and they love the natural and human things.

Now what is inbound links or backlinks or external links, these are the links (URL) which are originating outside your entire website and pointing towards your website or any of your website inner page (deep linking).

Why authority external or inbound links are important for effective offpage SEO

First of all we should understand that why good quality inbound (Back or external) links are important for good ranking on Search Engines. The answer is quiet simple, think offline and logical, think yourself as a company, the more people know about your company or products or services the more you are popular and hence doing more business. In online arena the same thing is happening where the links (not only quantity but quality first) decide your popularity over internet and to Search Engine’s Ranking as well. Now again go back to the same assumption and behave yourself as a company, now think if one reputed and eminent personality of your locality or your country knows you then that is much more effective for your popularity than 100s of general people know you. So the quality matters more than the quantity. Same conception is there on Off-Page Optimization, where we should get good quality, authority links (popularity) gradually, ethically and naturally.

Now suppose there are three persons A, B and C. A is running a business, B has purchased something from A and B is very happy with that product of A. C is another person who is looking for the same type of product which B recently purchased from A. Now C asked B about it and B happily recommended A to C. Think, if the whole conversation between B and C happened online then B must share A’s website link to C to recommend it and thus B is creating a natural link for A (without A’s direct involvements).

This is how Offpage link building should work ideally. But this is practically impossible today, so we build our own inbound links without waiting for another person to create our links on internet. But this self link building should be natural, ethical and authoritative.

In our training on Off Page SEO in Kolkata we teach our students the natural and ethical ways to build links and not only we teach link building techniques but also we train them about how to create, scale and maintain the overall link reputation or popularity on internet for different type businesses.

Advanced Off Page SEO training course in Kolkata, Howrah

We are jotting down some of the very general Off Page SEO procedures.

§  Understanding different unethical SEO procedures and how to avoid them.
§  Different Search Engine submission of a website.
§  Understanding No Follow and Do Follow links.
§  Understanding Google PR and how does it work.
§  Off-Page competition research and analysis.
§  Different Google operator search techniques.
§  Community or Network creation about your business or website on internet.
§  DMoz understanding how to list your website on DMoz.
§  Quality directory submission on categories related to your website.
§  Social Bookmarking process and the effective ways to get more shares on bookmarked links.
§  Picture and video sharing on different photo sharing sites. Like, Picasa, Flickr etc.
§  Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion optimization.
§  External video title, description and link optimization.
§  Blog posting and commenting.
§  How to get quality .edu or .gov links easily.
§  Authority link building using different internet review sites.
§  Press Release creation and submission.
§  Article optimization, submission and promotion or marketing.
§  Concept of Citation and how to emphasise, amplify and promote it over internet.
§  Google Local listing and 100% marking.
§  Quality Classified  ad posting with back links.
§  How to get links from Yahoo answers.
§  Different authority profile creation on internet.
§  PODCAST creation, sharing and promoting.
§  Google Disavow tool using for bad links removal.

These are some of the things which you will learn in our Pro Level SEO training and apart from these there are 100s of other new, ethical and authority tricks to get high rank on SERP.

As a 6+ years experienced SEO pro, I always deliver and want my students to learn the effective, long lasting and natural OffPage Optimization techniques so that they can work independently if they want or they can join an SEO company and grow in their overall professional SEO career.

We follow 2:1 structure where 2 individual students will learn from one SEO Industry expert in Kolkata. We always strive for quality not the quantity in our different SEO training modules. We also offer training on weekends for professionals.

Join our advanced SEO training course today and start learning the Pro Level SEO in Kolkata and finally become a true SEO professional.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization Training in Kolkata

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