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Monday, 3 February 2014

SEO Jobs, Career growth and earning opportunities in Kolkata and India

How is the career of a trained SEO and how is the job market in India and what are the earning opportunities in SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an IT skill set and a set of processes or techniques which enables a website (URL) to come on the first page of Google with a good ranking when searched for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. Thus SEO helps businesses to reach to their millions and billions of customers easily and organically and hence generates more sales and money for that business or the company.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a hunger’s job. You should join SEO industry if you can see opportunities in all the challenges and if you have a real fire in your belly to earn good amount of money. Yes, today’s modern SEO is a challenging job which needs proper training, hard work and a continuous willingness to learn new things whenever get a chance.

Previous Vs. Current industry requirements on SEO – JOB Market on SEO

1 or 2 years back SEO was a happy-go-lucky kind of smart IT job or career path where no particular educational or technical background was required. Things have not changed much, still now you do not have to be from a technical background to pursue your career on SEO. You can be from a general degree or diploma background from various streams like BA, BSc, BCom, BCA, polytechnic or any master degree or technical degree and easily can start your career on SEO or digital or internet marketing industry. But previously the SEO industry was more flat and generic where a fresher with a little bit of knowledge on HTML and SEO can join a company as SEO professional. But now-a-days companies in Kolkata and across India are preferring to hire properly trained and industry ready SEO professionals. Today’s SEO is no way similar to the SEO of 2010 or 2011. SEO has evolved a lot in last few years and there are huge opportunities for new graduates. Today most of the IT, Media, PR and Mass Com. companies are having their own SEO vertical and hiring huge numbers of properly trained fresher SEO and experienced SEO professionals.

SEO career and job opportunities in Kolkata and India

India is a huge market and with more and more internet and smart phone penetration in rural and urban India it is becoming almost impossible for companies to avoid starting their own digital marketing wings as their other regular business operations. In addition with the boom of Social Medias, SEO has become much more interesting and challenging than ever before and all the companies are utilizing social medias to market their products or services to attract their targeted consumers or customers and this is where all of those companies need professionally trained Search Engine Optimizer pros.

Growth in SEO Job Market in Kolkata and India

Till date SEO in India is in it’s nascent stage which will grow super fast in coming years and continue in creating huge employment opportunities in Kolkata and across India. And without any doubts this is the high time for new graduates or freshers to start their career in SEO industry.

How to and where from earn money being a trained Search Engine Optimizer

Apart from jobs in SEO, a trained Search Engine Optimizer can earn huge money by selling their expertise to other clients/companies as an independent SEO consultant. Unlike other freelancing jobs where you develop or design something for your clients and get paid one time money but SEO is a continuous job. So if you can deliver a good ROI (return of investment) to your clients/s then they will pay you month after month for your SEO services. Let me tell you some of the few ways you can make money being trained on SEO in Kolkata.

§  Working as an SEO freelancer for different clients (Not tough – Huge income).
§  Consulting your SEO skill or expertise with other companies or individuals.
§  By starting your own dynamic website with Google adsense.
§  By blogging with adsense, affiliate marketing, guest posting, product reviewing etc.
§  Youtube channel with adsense.
§  Promotional web video making and marketing services.
§  By starting your own SEO firm in Kolkata or online internet business.

These are some of the techniques which can earn you a very good amount of extra money at the end of each month and truly speaking the amount is endless and with more expertise, experience and time you can double or triple that amount being a professional and trained SEO.

Remember SEO industry is evolving at a very faster rate than any other IT field and there is no opportunity for a half trained or unskilled Search Engine Optimizer today, so get ready for the IT job on SEO and start a good, rewarding and future safe career.

Why and who should learn SEO

§  If you are a graduate or a fresher and unemployed or waiting for a job then SEO might be good career opportunity.
§  If you are a mid aged person and not working or having enough time to work as a part timer then SEO can earn you good additional money each month without any kind of risk factors (needs no investment at all).
§  If you are running a business and want to hire an SEO professional then first you should learn SEO on your own.
§  If you are a hobby blogger or if you want to be a professional blogger then you should get trained on SEO properly.
§  Or if you simply want to earn money using your computer and internet and want to work from home then SEO is the right and the best choice for you.

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