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Monday, 17 February 2014

Top 6 legitimate ways to earn money online

Top 6 reliable and scalable ways to earn money by working online at home

First of all we would like to confirm that there is nothing called easy money. If there was something like that then perhaps no one would have worked hard day after day. To earn money or to become successful everyone must have to work hard, hold patience and be dedicated & consistent. The amount of money we can earn online depends on the time, efforts and expertise level invested for the same.

We are jotting down some of the most legitimate, reliable and scalable source of online income in India. Depending on your skill set you have to decide which suits you mostly and start working harder on that. Please do not expect that a huge amount of money will start to flow to your bank account overnight.

1. Earn Money by Providing SEO and SEM Services to clients

Search Engine Optimization or SEO and Search Engine Marketing or SEM is booming day after day in India and across the globe. Mostly small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-up companies are hiring professional Search Engine Optimizers or Marketers as freelancer. These types of businesses always have some tight budget for their promotional or marketing activities and mostly they cannot afford to appoint an SEO or SEM service company and that is the reason they prefer to hire individual freelancers for SEO or internet marketing for their business websites or blogs.

Search Engine Optimization or Marketing is high end skill set that is used to bring a website on the first page of Google with good ranking for particular keyword/s. If you are capable of doing this then you can utilize your skills to earn good amount of money month after month.

Unlike most other open source skills where you design or develop something for your client and get paid one time but in case of SEO, it is long term in nature and should be continued as long as one business wants their website to be on the first page of Google for their business keyword/s. So if you can deliver good Return of Investment (ROI) to your clients in terms of quality and targeted visitors/conversions/sales to their website or business then they will be more than happy to pay you each month for your SEO or SEM services.

Initially getting clients might look difficult but first you have to understand and select your target market and channels to promote your services. If you are an SEO trained individual or professional then you can use different Social Medias to get initial clients by sharing your knowledge and solving their SEO related queries and problems on different communities and groups. This will surely get you your first client. Always remember to deliver quality services because that will bring more clients and references to you. Build relationship on Social Medias as because that will matter at the end of the day.

Other than Social Medias, there are different other types of websites from where you can get freelancing SEO or SEM jobs. We all know about classified websites like Quikr, OLX, Craigslist, Backpage, Gumtree etc. You can use these free ad posting websites to reach to your prospective clients by simply posting quality ads related to your SEO or Search Engine Marketing services regularly (please do not spam those sites). There are couple of websites like,,,, and other freelancing sites which can be utilized for the same.

2. Website designing can get you good amount of income

If you are a creative website designer then you can make good amount of money by designing quality and attractive websites for different companies. Website designing is comparatively easier and needs no pre technical skillset or educational background. If you are creative by nature and if you can design visually beautiful websites then you can shine in this line. This is a bit tough market because competition is very high in the local, national and international market. But if you are good in this then you have to know how to promote and sell your skills to others to get regular clients for web designing. We would suggest you to focus on your local market first, build some (at least 10) quality websites and make the portfolio which you can further use to attract more clients beyond your initial targeted market.

A good designer has many good prospective ways on which they can work and earn regularly without any limits. You have to be always industry ready in terms of web designing skill sets. Like, now-a-days responsive websites are on trend and indeed this is required to target or tap the huge mobile users. More and more companies are leaning to redesign or re-launch their fresh responsive websites for their targeted audience. So if you are good in responsive site designing then you have a very good opportunity and market for you.

Do not limit yourself into website designing only. Learn to design infographics, web based business presentations, ebook covers, website logos and blog or wordpress themes etc. These all are very good for regular earning.

Top 6 ways to make money online by working at home

3. Open Source Web Development as a very good source of income

There are huge demand in Open Source web development and mobile app development. So if you are a good and trained PHP, Wordpress or Joomla developer or if you are into Android mobile app development then money is literally endless for you. The same thing, you have to sell your skills to your prospective clients to get new projects again and again.

PHP is a server side web based programming language so if you are fond of coding or if you are trained on PHP web development then you can start working on this market. PHP is a very easy to learn and code programming language so you can even learn PHP very easily if you want. Definitely a programming background (minimum C language) would help you to understand and code on PHP or on other open source frameworks.

4. Making money by creating Explainer Videos and video marketing

Explainer videos are on huge demand. More and more products or different types of services companies are coming up with their new and innovative concepts and business models. These businesses are using explainer videos to explain and market their products or services or the business model to their targeted and prospective online consumers or clients. Explainer videos are nothing but a simple web based video which demonstrates one product or service in a very short span of time (mostly within 3 minutes) on internet.

Explainer video making needs different kinds of skills, starting from designing, animating, storytelling, content creating etc. But if you are a good designer then you can start building explainer videos and gradually you become an expert on that.

One high quality explainer video can cost more than 1,00,000 Rupee. So this is quite natural that all businesses cannot afford that much money for a 3 minutes video. So there is a good demand of affordable but quality explainer video making services in India and across the globe. Generally one 3 minute’s simple explainer video costs around Rs 15K which can be created within 2 days depending on the content, amount of animations etc.

If you are already into web designing then you can utilize your skills and can learn explainer video making very easily. It may sound difficult but practically explainer video making is very easy and one of the highly paid services in the industry. It is just the beginning and currently there is a huge gap between the demand of explainer videos and the supply of affordable and quality video makers.

You may think that like any other video making services, explainer video making will also need expensive video cameras or video editing softwares. But you are wrong we do not need any cameras or expensive softwares to make an attractive and engaging explainer video. The only thing you need is creativity and other than that you need to learn how to make a 3 minute’s engaging, informative and attractive explainer video for your client. Even you can use these videos to market and sell your own skills on internet.

Apart from video making services you can use your own created and copyrighted videos on your youtube channel and can earn money with Google Adsense. The possibilities of earning are endless on Youtube and the payment model is pay per click (PPC) where you get paid when someone clicks on the ad on your Youtube video.

5. Blogging as a regular source of income

We used to get numbers of calls daily from different parts of India about blogging. Callers used to ask about how to start a blog, how to write articles, should they stick to one niche or they should try different topics and mostly they ask about whether they can make money with blogs or not. Answer is yes a good blog can earn money for you but as said earlier that this is not an overnight achievement. It needs time, patience, consistency, dedication and basic or advanced SEO knowledge. Starting a blog is itself a very good and intelligent move for a business or individual but starting a blog only with the motive of making money is wrong and eventually fails most of the time.

Blogs are basically created for knowledge sharing purpose and as long as your knowledge and expertise is helping your blog readers you will make money. So this is pretty simple that you have to have good or in-depth knowledge on some topic or subject to write articles on that. So if you are a good writer or a story teller or if you possess good experience or knowledge on something then that should be your blog niche. Selecting the right niche or topic about your blog is very important because if you have not selected the right niche then you cannot keep on writing good and valuable contents or articles on that. And if you cannot feed the information or knowledge hunger of your blog readers then eventually your blog will die its natural death.

Apart from choosing right niche, having In-depth knowledge on the subject and writing valuable contents you have to know or learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing if you want to sustain and scale your blog.

If everything goes fine then you can earn good amount of money from your blog and the earning grows with the age of your blog, relationship you built with other bloggers, readers and internet marketers on your blog niche on across internet, number of reader base of your blog, quality and quantity of your contents over time and of course the SEO and promotional activities you do for your blog or articles.

6. Paid writing and review writing

Maintaining a blog and doing SEO or promotions for your articles might be difficult and tiresome for you but if you are fond of writing and if you have expertise on a subject then you can write articles for other blogs or companies and get paid for each of your article. Companies are always looking for good article writers on different topics like Finance, Investment, SEO/SEM, Social Media, E-Commerce, Manufacturing industry, Education, Career and Jobs etc. And it is very easy to write for those companies. Payments vary with company to company, on your writing quality, on your expertise and experience on the subject and even with the popularity of your previous contents.

There are numerous companies who pay for the reviews of products or services which they are offering to the market. You can even write for them and can make considerable amount of money every month.

If you are good at using Social Medias then you can bag loads of projects on the above mentioned earning opportunities. Simply join different social media communities and groups and use them efficiently. Share your knowledge, post valuable and informative contents, help others with their problems related to your niche, build relationship with individuals or businesses on your trade using various social networking sites. This will help you over time and you will see a community growing around you slowly but steadily and that will give you more visibility on across internet and ultimately generate more earning possibilities.

Apart from all these six opportunities there are numbers of other ways which are good and reliable to make money online like Affiliate Marketing, E-Book Writing, Social Media Optimization and Marketing etc. But any of the way you select, you have to work hard and be patient and consistent to become successful on that.

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