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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Why small and medium sized business owners in India should learn SEO

You have to rely and depend on SEO to grow your new or small business organically in long run

India is a young nation and its business echo system is booming and expanding very fast. More and more businesses are starting up in India and the best part is that the rural India is also playing a major role in the Indian business sphere. In India we have some basic infrastructure problems which are hindering the growth of the small businesses specially who are operating or doing business in the rural India though they have very high potentials.

Now no matter whether you are doing your business in rural or urban India, if you want to do your business or specifically if you want to increase the sales of your products or services then you have to have a strong presence across internet. So a company website for your business is must now-a-days. But only having a website on internet is not going to help you much today in terms of sales, as because today the competition is much higher than ever before. And that is why you need to market your products or services virtually to your targeted online customers or clients. This is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays the major role in drawing new customers and retain the old customers of your business organically.

If you are unknown about what is SEO or how it is going to help your business then feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you in this regard. Simply Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique or set of strategies and processes which brings your website at the higher position (on first page good rank) on different search engine (SERP) like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc.

Most of the Indian youth customers and consumers make their buying decision by searching on Google search engine just as like you. So you can understand, if your business comes on the first page on Google when searched with your business keyword then it is quite natural for you to do more businesses and thus SEO generates more sales and revenue for your business. But on the contrary if your business website is not coming on the first page of Google with a good top position then you are loosing most of the potential buyers of your products or services and thus doing fewer businesses than what you could have done.

SEO training in Kolkata for small businesses

There are many good SEO service companies who will give you the ethical and organic ranking by following the actual SEO (Google) guideline but there are numbers of spammy and cheap SEO service providers who can fool you to make some quick money. The most dangerous thing is that SEO starts to show it’s results approximately after 3 months  of it's inception and if it is done unethically and unnaturally then there are huge risks of loosing your footprints on Google and other search engines and it is even more difficult to recover your site from that state. You should be aware of those types of companies. Now you may ask how would you know or identify those spammy and unethical companies. Yes that is a bit difficult for you if you know nothing about SEO and your actual business needs from an SEO service provider. SEO changes or rather improves very frequently so as your business strategies and you must learn SEO on your own for the sake of your business (at least the basics of SEO and the actual guidelines of Google Webmaster).

The basics of SEO are very simple which can be learnt easily and does not require any type of technical expertise. At our SEO training facility in Kolkata we offer Search Engine Optimization training to various small businesses which helps them to grow and do better business in long term.

We follow fully customizable, flexible, adaptable and totally industry designed SEO syllabus for different types of businesses in Kolkata as SEO strategies vary a lot depending on the business and its type. We understand that the business owners and small business marketers are extremely busy with their daily business related jobs and again learning SEO is another time consuming work-load but we would like to assure you that this is going to be worth of your valuable time in long run for your business and company.

The benefits of learning SEO being a business owner, entrepreneur or marketer

1. Learning SEO will surely help you to understand and identify your actual needs and targets

First you should know and believe that SEO is long term and continuous job and can’t be achieved over night or within a short span of time. As a business owner or SMB marketer you know your business better than anyone and you also understand who are your targeted customers or consumers, where they mostly gather online and what is your actual business demographic where you would like to focus mostly. Till date you would have thought on these factors offline but after learning SEO you will be able to jot down all those marketing parameters in terms of SEO and SMO (Social Media Optimization - Learn SMO in Kolkata). This is only the beginning but very vital as because it will help you to select or identify the best keyword/s or keyword phrase/s for your business which give you higher search volume, lower or medium competition level with good numbers of clicks (CTR) from search engine result pages (SERP). And trust us this is the most important part of your overall Search Engine Optimization or Marketing strategy.

2. You will be able to start working on your SEO strategy as a one man army

If you are starting up your new business or running your business with a very few man power or financial resources then hiring a good and professional SEO service company can be very tough and expensive on your over all budget. But neglecting SEO can’t be a good and wise solution as because this is the best sales and revenue generating technique which gives you the organic and long term visibility in front of your prospective customers on internet. But if you know SEO then you can start working on that from the very first day and can strategize and streamline the whole optimization and marketing process easily on your own. SEO is very simple and easy to do job by nature and does not change (heavily) if you follow the actual and core guidelines and concepts. Yes indeed you need to learn SEO properly before working on it otherwise it can deliver dangerous and negative results as well.

SMB SEO training in Kolkata

3. Will enable you to hire the best SEO manpower and SEO resource tools

Once you have the complete and clear knowledge about the ethical and unethical (White hat & Black hat SEO) part of SEO, you will be able to hire the best of the resources from the market on your own. With the increasing demand of Search Engine Optimizers and Marketers in the industry more and more SEO training institutes are coming up with their below average or average training materials who are targeting the quantity of the students instead of the quality of the training. Most of the students getting trained from those types of institutes are not well equipped with the core and modern SEO concepts and techniques. Many SEO freshers and professionals from tier 2 or tier 3 cities only know how to build backlinks (in-bound Links). They do not know or not even trained on Onpage SEO or the analytical and data mining part of the Search Engines. Thus they can not be a valuable resource for your business. Again on the process of overall SEO strategy planning, building and executing you may need to purchase few SEO tools from the market. With the proper learning and understanding of those SEO tools you will get to know which of them deliver the best ROI (Return Of Investment).

4. Will help you in selecting authentic, ethical and professional SEO service company

If you know and understand Search Engine Optimization and marketing then be sure that it will not be easy for a company to mislead you. Yes there are companies which can promise you top position ranking but you should know that no one can guarantee the position on search engines no matter how much you are paying that company or professional. SEO is a set of strategies which needs to be ethical, natural and by nature it needs time to start showing its results (positive or negative). So be careful about those companies and individual search engine freelancers who are telling you that they can give top ranking within 1 month or so. Most probably they do not bother or care about your business or company rather they are more interested in filling up their own pockets. Indeed there are good optimization companies and if you learn SEO and if you hire any one of the good companies then your both mutual works will definitely show good and positive results over time.

Thanks for taking your valuable time in reading this article and by this time if you are thinking to learn and understand SEO on your own then you are on right track and direction. Just in case you need help on search engine optimization training in Kolkata feel absolutely free to connect us at the below mentioned number.

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