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Friday, 7 February 2014

Video making and marketing training in Kolkata and Howrah

Video marketing training in Kolkata – how to make money doing video creation and video marketing in Kolkata and Howrah

In the year of 2013 on SEO industry we have seen huge changes on different algorithms, techniques, concepts etc. Among them video marketing is one of the most valuable upcoming trend. Videos are more appealing than a picture and even more attractive than simple text articles. Videos help getting good quality back-links for SEO, videos make the brand identity and awareness about a product or service. Previously mostly big companies used to use videos to attract more and more customers and to market their products to a vast number of people because video marketing was one of the most costly and niche marketing or campaigning type. But since last few years it is becoming more and more popular and affordable to the medium and small sized companies, brands or start-up entrepreneurs.

There are couple of different types of videos. Like –
  • Product or Service demonstration or  explainer videos.
  • Customer feedback Videos.
  • Press Release videos.
  • How To or Do It Yourself (DIY) videos.
  • Online Training videos (Webinar).
  • Marketing videos.
  • Event or Seminar videos and many others.

There are different types of services associated with web video industry.

  • Web Video making or creation services.
  • Web Videos for SEO.
  • Web Video marketing services.

As a freelancer or part timer you can earn huge money by doing any of these video services.
Typically one product or service demonstration or explainer video making, costs more than Rs. 10,000 and it takes around 10 hours to create this type of videos. This is only the video creation or making service. Now if you are a professional Search Engine Optimizer then you can deliver the best SEO services with those videos and can charge additionally from your employer or clients and if you are an online marketer or affiliator then you can perhaps imagine what you can do with your own created and copy righted videos. Simply money is endless for a good web video maker & marketer and trust us video making is not a very difficult job or do not think that you have to have costly video cameras or video editing softwares for creating a web video. No those are not at all required for creating a superb quality, High Definition (HD) web video.

We are the first one in Kolkata and Howrah who teaches how to create a HD quality web video in detail. This training facility will make you a pro video animator and we will also show and guide you how to market those videos on internet and how to earn money by doing these services.

One simple example of the earning source is Youtube channel. Perhaps you have heard about Youtube Channel and Google Adsense or if you do not know them then feel free to ask us. Now think that if you can create your own copyrighted unlimited web videos on different topics or for different companies on your own and if you can market them ethically then through your Youtube channel you can make good amount of extra recurring money each month after month. This money is huge and most importantly this is achievable at a short span of time with patience, hard work, practice and creativity. There are lots of other ways through which you can make good income day after day by creating and marketing web videos.

Who can learn or attain this training on Video making and marketing in Kolkata and Howrah

Any one from a simple graduate or non graduate, students, professionals from any industry, retired person or house wives can attain this training as it does not require any prerequisite technical or non technical skill sets or educational backgrounds. Anyone who thinks that he/she is creative in nature and want to earn some good amount of extra money, can attain this training on Video making and marketing in Kolkata.

How is the job market for Video Animators and Marketers

As it is a very recent skill set and upcoming trend that is why the number of job vacancies are not that huge but more and more companies are looking for video animators and marketers as a freelancer. But if you are open to relocate outside of Kolkata, cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune or Delhi NCR then there are good numbers of openings for quality web video animators and marketers. Mostly media, PR, start-up and analytic companies are hiring web video animators to market their products, services or intellectual assets online.

If you have any further query or any doubt, then feel free to contact us. We will be happy enough to help you in this regard.

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