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Friday, 7 March 2014

Expert SEO trainer in Kolkata

Private SMO coach and SEO Trainer in Kolkata

Hello friends, this is Soumya an expert, private SMO & SEO professional and trainer and coach in Kolkata.

I am into SEO services and other web technologies like PHP and SMO services for last 6+ years and also providing training and coaching to students, freshers as well as many SEO professionals and companies in Kolkata and surroundings. I have been involved as SEO trainer and faculty in many of the renowned SEO training institutes, across India and also taking corporate SEO interviews on behalf of many companies.

I train on Ethical and White Hat SEO including On Page optimization, Off Page optimization, Blogging, Youtube, Web based Video making and SMO.

Why should YOU learn SEO

  • SEO is on demand in IT industry ever than before and this demand is bound to increase in near future and will continue to grow.
  • SEO pays good salary as a job or you can make good amount of money working from home as an SEO freelancer. The best part is that the income from doing SEO is recurring, stable and dependable for a secured and safe future.
  • SEO is an attractive Job position and the professional growth as an SEO executive or as an independent SEO consultant is huge.
  • You will be able to start blogging as your profession. Professional bloggers are making huge income each month just doing blogging and SEO. Please do not think that blogging is very easy or you can make money by doing nothing, definitely you have to learn proper and ethical SEO and how to start and maintain your blog for a decent source of income. Additionally you have to have patience, dedication, trust and have to work smart.
  • Youtube is another source of stable and recurring income and by this course you will be able to start your own youtube channel. Not only this you will be learning how to make explainer videos and web based videos for your Youtube channel or for other client companies.
  • If you are running a small business or if you are an internet entrepreneur or a bootstrap startup company then you must be hiring SEO and SMO professionals or service companies to promote and boost your ranking on social media sites and Google search engine respectively. But do you know that hiring an SEO freelancer or service company without knowing SEO can create troubles for your business? Today SEO has changed hugely and you should learn ethical and white-hat SEO before on boarding any employee or freelancer or any SEO service company.

SEO trainer and coach in Kolkata

Why ME as SEO Trainer in Kolkata

  • I have got 6+ years of experience, working on numerous projects on SEO and SMO across India and internationally.
  • As a SEO teacher, I teach the real time, Live, actual & ethical SEO which will boost you as a professional SEO or SEO consultant.
  • SEO Training will be on LIVE websites, no demo projects.
  • Apart from SEO you would be learning Blogging, Youtube, video making and earning techniques.
  • The SEO syllabus I follow is the most comprehensive, robust and industry designed and the cost of this SEO course is very affordable as compared to the other Good SEO training institutes in Kolkata.
  • If you already know onpage optimization then you can take training on off page SEO and if you are good in offpage optimization then you can learn on page SEO. Totally customizable and flexible SEO syllabus for all.
  • Separate SMO and SEO training in Kolkata for local businesses, start-up & bootstrap companies and entrepreneurs as per their business type and requirements and of course at their convenient time and comfortable place.

Who should learn SEO and SMO

  • If you are a student then you should learn SEO and Blogging. This is the future and recession proof technology for good and stable earning.
  • All freshers from any educational backgrounds can take this training as trained Search Engine Optimizers have huge demand in the SEO job market in Kolkata and across India.
  • If you are already working on onpage or offpage SEO then better learn the complete, advanced, ethical and modern SEO before another professional growth seeker in your company. You must be knowing that SEO has changed tremendously and dramatically in the last year so better learn actual and ethical optimization before getting into trouble.
  • If you are a homemaker/house wife or if you just retired from your service or even if you have some free time in your hand to work from home using your computer and internet then you can learn and work on this technology to earn good amount of extra recurring income each month.
  • All small businesses, entrepreneurs, startup companies in Kolkata and nearby can contact me for SEO and SMO training. Do not have any doubts, this training will be worth of your valuable time. And above all after completing this Search Engine Optimization training in Kolkata you won’t get misled or cheated by any SEO service companies or freelancers.

Educational Background or prerequisite technology knowledge

  • Any students or professionals from any educational or working background can learn SMO or SEO in Kolkata.
  • If you know HTML then it is good otherwise SEO HTML will be taught thoroughly in this training session.

For more details and knowledge on SEO training, feel absolutely free to contact me at 9804457170.

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